Classrooms & Curriculum


The Open Center for Children has two classrooms: the Green Room for children from 2.3 to 3.3 years and the Blue Room for children 3.3 through 5 years of age. The center’s curriculum is designed around a vision that addresses the guidelines, criteria and objectives to meet both state and national requirements. The curriculum is also designed to help children develop the tools necessary for living in a diverse world where the ability to settle disputes peacefully is increasingly important.

The Open Center uses the Creative Curriculum, a comprehensive system approved for national accreditation, to develop appropriate learning experiences for both the younger and older preschool classrooms. In addition, teachers and program staff utilize the Massachusetts Guidelines for Preschool Learning Experiences, criteria from NAEYC accreditation, and topics that arise from the children’s interests to establish and maintain a quality program.

Our primary concern is to provide a safe, caring, and responsive environment where children’s social and emotional development is supported by a nurturing and well-trained staff. The center has areas for small motor activities (writing, math, puzzles, science etc.), large-motor activities (balance beam, basketball, Big Blocks, etc.), sensory play, dramatic play, quiet reading spaces, and art and creative expression.