Parental Involvement

March 6, 2014 |

IMG_6278Parents play an important role at the Open Center, providing staff with information that helps us more fully understand your child, family, and culture. The Open Center staff seek to form a partnership with parents to help bridge the transition from home to school and provide a positive experience for your child. Parents are always welcome in the classroom and the Open Center provides many opportunities for parents to become involved in the school including regular parent meetings, workdays, and a parent advisory board. Additionally, parents are encouraged to participate in classroom activities by reading to a small group, singing with children, leading a special activity, or going on a field trip. At the Open Center we place an emphasis on creating a supportive community of people who work and play together in a caring, safe environment that includes parents, children and staff.

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Parent Advisory Board

The center has a parent advisory board made up of parent volunteers, past parents, and community representatives. The board meets regularly to assist in hiring, parent recruitment, planning parent meetings, budget review, fundraising, and staff mediation, and to develop or refine center policies. Parents are encouraged to submit their ideas for the development of the center’s programs and policies to the board for consideration. The day and time for board meetings is established at the first meeting of the year in order to accommodate parents’ schedules and availability.

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