The Open Center was founded in 1972 to provide families with quality daycare that would encourage children’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. We ensure that each child will have opportunities to be involved in group activities as well as have individual time with teachers. The program is designed with attention to the needs and differences of individual children. Children choose their own activities from carefully prepared interest areas within a structured but flexible daily schedule.

Curriculum is planned by the staff to provide a variety of child-directed experiences using different types of learning games and materials. Children use their unique way of thinking and strong motivation to learn to help them understand their experiences and make sense of their environment. The curriculum focuses initially on children and their own feelings and experiences; it then expands to include the family, the community and the world around them. Through our curriculum we help children develop the tools necessary for living in a diverse world, being able to resolve conflicts peacefully and to challenge stereotypes.

We strive to create a learning atmosphere that inspires children to

  • become motivated, self-directed learners
  • feel competent in their skills and abilities
  • nurture their creativity
  • feel a sense of belonging and responsibility to the center’s community
  • develop trusting relationships with adults and children
  • respect and appreciate diversity
  • understand the concept of “fairness” and develop conflict resolution skills